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XML Command Line Tools

Some XML command line tools I found:




XML Package for R



Emacs org-mode, xml, and more

The Quest

I keep looking for the magic tool that will help me convert the following xml data to org-more:

  • wordpress xml exports
  • nixnote xml exports (nixnote is the open source client for nevernote)

Google Search

  • search: wordpress xml to org-mode
  • results
    • org2blog howto
      • includes reference to el-get, another package management tool
    • org2blog howto
      • examples of embedding html in org-mode for export
        • #+BEGIN_HTML
        • <button onclick=”alert(‘you are!’);”>I feel lucky!</button>
        • #+END_HTML
    • general org-mode examples, including org2blog
      • older post before org2blog was available through M-x list-packages, nonetheless I found the steps interesting
        • clone the repositories of Org2blog (and the needed Elisp implementation of XML-RPC) somewhere into the Emacs search path
        • get the ELPA extension retrieval package.el into
        • use el-get for retrieving the add-ons
    • org-mode – all in!
      • from swaroopch
      • includes a free python book written by the author of this blog
      • moved data to org-mode from these apps:
        • Tasks were moved from Things.app to a file called life.org
        • Notes were moved from Evernote to a reference.org file for “I may need someday” kinda info and background.org for things that “I want to keep in mind”.
        • Calendar events were moved from Calendar app to a calendar.org file
        • Habits were moved from Daily Deeds iPhone app to a reminders.org file with the habits org module enabled
        • Files were moved from Dropbox to a files folder
        • Diary entries (although rare) were moved from Evernote to a journal.org file with file+datetree configuration
        • Pomodoros and time tracking have moved from Focus Time iPhone app to simple clocking commands: C-c C-x e to set a time estimate, C-c C-x C-i clocks in for the current task, and C-c C-x C-o clocks out of the current task and it’ll show me how much time I spent on a task and it’ll even aggregate subtasks and show how much total time I took on a higher-order project/task. And all this in plain text!
        • Blog drafts have moved from WordPress to a blog_drafts folder full of .org files, including this post.
        • Archiving (C-c C-x C-a) is one of the greatest OrgMode features, where it’ll take the current t
      • mentions the google effect