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Erased Windows 7 Partition Today

While working on two similar (hp tc4200 & lenovo x61) tablet computers, I decided to set up partitions for arch linux on the tc4200 in place of the soon-to-be-end-of-life Windows XP partition. After setting up cryptofs and lvm on these partitions, I realized I had wiped out the Windows 7 partitions on the X61 instead of the Windows XP partitions on the tc4200.

I love opportunities like this to test my Disaster Recovery (DR) procedures, and I realized I hadn’t lost anything because I rarely use windows and any localized data is also stored in the cloud.

If I do need to use windows again, I’ll probably pop in a new PATA drive and do a system restore from the Windows 7 Refurb disks that came with my refurb X61.

Challenges are popular today, so I present the windows challenge to you, the reader, and myself. How much time will pass before you or I want to use windows?