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‘Avoid the pain of Windows 8’: Try Ubuntu 12.10

Thanks to unity, I switched to sawfsh. Now I can tweak my window manager from within emacs.


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original pcworld article

Brood Coffee Talk

On October 26, the day that Windows 8 officially launched, a message appeared on the home page of the Canonical website, promoting its Ubuntu 12.10 operating system (OS).

The message was “Avoid the pain of Windows 8.”

Ubuntu is a variation of Linux, the free open-source OS. The basic code is free, and even though software development companies add their own features and then market it, it’s often a free download.

It was first introduced in October 1991, and for most of that time it has been a viable alternative to the other two major OSes, Windows and OS X. Its biggest problem has been that most software components like device drivers aren’t readily available for the OS from device manufacturers. Most distributions handle this by including the more popular ones with the installation software.

From an article on PCWorld.com, “10 Reasons to choose Ubuntu 12.10 over Windows 8”:

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