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A Meta-programming Language for Org-mode

Found some good examples of extended literal programming with org-mode and org-babel.

The results and reports are embeded in the org-mode document. The exported html contains the literal programming description, the source code, and the results.

The title of this section in the org-mode manual is “A Meta-programming Language for Org-mode”



Literate Programming Links

Org-Babel Mode

## Edit Your R Code Here.
x <- rnorm(100)

Using WordPress – Do I use .COM or .ORG ?


I have been using wordpress for a couple of months as of 2012-11-25 and am only beginning to be comfortable using it. I made my first blog post in 2008-05-01 and later said “So What?”. I really didn’t have anything to say, and I didn’t understand the blogging concept so I didn’t post until agin this year (2012).

I now know what I want to use a blog for, but I still can’t do what I want.


The org2blog package in emacs has been very helpful to me. It puts the whole blogging experience into the comfortable lisp-based emacs environment where I do most of my work. I’ve been using org-mode for years and even wrote extentions to outline mode before org-mode came out.

I’m still learning how to use org2blog effectively, but already I plan to use org-mode files as the foundation for my blogging and page posts in wordpress.


I have an account on wordpress.com because it is free, and I’m still learning. If I find limitations in wordpress.com I can’t work around, I will investigate self hosting.