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Ledger – *nix cli bookkeeping


I like double entry bookkeeping systems. I just found Ledger today, 2013-05-01, and it appears that I won’t have to re-write my old bookkeeping program that used NoSQL v2.2.

What I like about Ledger

  • Ledger uses double-entry bookkeeping
  • Ledger is a *nix command line program
    • that keeps transactions in plain text
  • Ledger can read uncompressed GnuCash files
  • Ledger can export as csv
  • Ledger can export emacs-lisp sexp forms

Using Ledger with GnuCash files

Ledger & Emacs

Ledger as a data importer for R analysis

  • use GnuCash to pull transactions from my online accounts
  • convert GnuCash files to csv
  • import csv into R
  • analyze


NoSQL is a 4GL relational database language that integrates into the command line. I liked developing witn NoSQL using the data flow operator paradigm. Due to the structural changes between NoSQL 4x and 2x, I think it will be more work to update my old bookkeeping system than it will be to set up something with Org-Babel and Ledger. Additionally, working in Emacs will make R analysis easier since I use ESS.