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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: Users Can Download Their Entire Archive By Year-End; Now Sees 1B Tweets Every 2.5 Days


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has once again promised that Twitter users will, indeed, be able to download a full archive of their tweets in just a matter of weeks. This latest announcement was delivered in response to an audience question during a talk sponsored by the Ford School of Public Policy and School of Information at Costolo’s alma mater, the University of Michigan, where the CEO discussed Twitter’s role in the future of global communication and democratized access to information.

This isn’t the first time Costolo has made this promise, mind you. He said the same thing in September, according to reports from his talk at the Online News Association conference which Twitter later confirmed with TechCrunch. At the time, Costolo had said that he would like to see the feature before the end of the year, given engineers’ capacity.

From the sounds of this latest report, the hard deadline Costolo keeps promising…

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