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Amazon Wishlist API


Can I manipulate my amazon wish list by scripting or by program using an API? That will avoid mousing around in the browser. I’m sure somebody has done something about this…

GitHub Project


Google Music API Links

I’ve been wanting to find a way to change meta data (properties) of some of the audio files I have uploaded to google music.

I’ve read that there are many Python tools available for this task.

Search – python google music api example

  • google search url
  • Results
    • gmusicapi
      • Unofficial google music api
      • Library management: list, create, delete, and modify songs and playlists
      • Webclient streaming and single-song downloading
      • Music Manager uploading/scan-and-match of all Google-supported file formats
    • thunner
      • A curses Google Play Music client
    • GMusicFS
      • A FUSE filesystem for Google Music

Emacs Client for Google API

I’ve been wanting to get a keyboard interface to some of the Google APIs. After a while, I get tired of mousing around on a web application.

Google APIs

I’m just learning, but I think I need to enable API access for the services I want to use, go I’m going to the console:

Google API Console

Emacs Tools

I obviously need some Emacs tools, so I’m checking out these Google Client links::