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ADA Programming – Whitaker’s Words

William Whitaker’s Words

  • Wikipaedia Article is an interactive dictionary for
    • Latin to English (LA -> EN)
      • Accepts multiple words
    • English to Latin (EN -> LA)
      • Only translates the first word entered
      • Commercial variants will look up each word in the input
  • Source Code is here
    • A link to ADA Tools is incluced

Notre Dame



Ada & Lisp Programming Languages


I’ve been using William Whitaker’s Words programm as a replacement for a traditional Latin/English dictionary.

Exempli gratia, data verbi Latini forma amabantur, Words hanc rationem agit ut translationem rectam reddeat:

amabantur = am + a + ba + nt + ur, ubi:

am = amo, amare, amavi, amatus
a = vocalis quae modum indicativum notat
ba = tempus imperfectum notat
nt = numerum pluralem et tertiam personam notat
ur = vocem passivam notat

Ita amabantur est forma passiva, tertiae personae, pluralis, imperfecta, indicativa verbi amare.

I have not found a Whitaker’s Words package on Debian or Ubuntu, so I looked into compiling it. That led me to consider translating the Ada code into Lisp. That led to come comparison articles on Ada & Lisp.

Comparisons of Ada & Lisp