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AK47 Creator Dies

From BBC News

Creator of Kalashnikov rifle dies


Bluetooth Speakers – Review of Reviews

Now that bluetooth speakers are finally available for smartphones, most are too expensive (for me).

Here are some review articles I found and my pick from the review:

  • cnet
    • my choice: $20
  • android police
    • These Speakers caught my eye:
      • Satechi Swift – small, hide it in your fist
      • Beacon Phoenix – small
      • Braven 600 – utility tech looks
      • Edifier Spinnaker – nautical inspiration and taller than a sofa
    • my choice: $30
  • computerworld
    • this caught my eye:
      • Matrix One – looks like a bionic eye
    • my choice: $80
  • wired
    • A very complete review of some unusual speakers, some of which I might want:
      • Beacon Phoenix – very small
      • Marley Chant – pedegree and appearance
      • Hidden Radio – stealthy looks
      • TDK Wireless Weatherproof Speaker – it’s weatherproof
    • my choice: $40
  • top ten reviews
    • my choice: $70
  • consumer reports
  • zdnet
    • my choice: none – each too expensive for me

Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble Smart Watch has created a quite a stir in the CES 2013. Connecting to a smart phone by bluettooth, it acts as a tiny screen that is always available. No reaching in your pocket for your smart-phone to read the latest text or email you just received.

The financials look amazing – $0 to $10,000 in just over a month.

Besides email and texts, apps are available for sports and exercise to show speed, distance, and elapsed time. I suppose there will be a way of calculating calories burned.

The golf app has a rangefinder, and the faces can be customized according to your mood. I would imagine the next generation will allow colour coordinating with ones wardrobe fashion statement.

What’s next? The smart glasses with heads up display of incoming texts and emails?

Text Based Project Managment

Here’s an article from 2006 about how Google does project management.

They use a text based approach instead of traditional tables and Gannett charts. They simply ask their engineers to keep moving forward on a project, but check back to see if they remembered to do what they thought they would do.

Google’s internal text-based project/knowledge management

This is the approach I used to create these two books:

CRC Practical Handbook of Materials Selection

CRC Materials Science and Engineering Handbook, Third Edition