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Who turns down 50 thousand dollars a day in income?

From BBC News

Flappy Bird game pulled by creator


After switching 37,000 PCs to Ubuntu, French Armed Forces says open source cuts costs 40 percent | Apps and Software |


First they transitioned to open source applications. After a few years they transitioned the operating system to open source. By that time, the users were used to open source applications and barely noticed the change in the operating system.

Convert to Roman Numerals in Emacs Lisp

Sorry I can’t get the indents to export in org2blog. Maybe a configuration issue…

Just open it in Emacs, select the whole buffer, and intent-region

(defun ba-romani-numeri (number)
  "Provide the roman numeral for a number less than 4999"
(let* ((thousands (truncate (/ number 1000)))
       (thousands-remainder (- number (* 1000 thousands)))
       (roman-thousands (cond ((= 4 thousands) "MMMM")
                              ((= 3 thousands) "MMM")
                              ((= 2 thousands) "MM")
                              ((= 1 thousands) "M")
                              ((= 0 thousands) "")))
       (hundreds (truncate (/ thousands-remainder 100)))
       (hundreds-remainder (- thousands-remainder (* 100 hundreds)))
       (roman-hundreds (cond ((= 9 hundreds) "XM")
                             ((= 8 hundreds) "DCCC")
                             ((= 7 hundreds) "DCC")
                             ((= 6 hundreds) "DC")
                             ((= 5 hundreds) "D")
                             ((= 4 hundreds) "CD")
                             ((= 3 hundreds) "CCC")
                             ((= 2 hundreds) "CC")
                             ((= 1 hundreds) "C")
                             ((= 0 hundreds) "")))
       (tens (truncate (/ hundreds-remainder 10)))
       (tens-remainder (- hundreds-remainder (* 10 tens)))
       (roman-tens (cond ((= 9 tens) "XC")
                         ((= 8 tens) "LXXX")
                         ((= 7 tens) "LXX")
                         ((= 6 tens) "LX")
                         ((= 5 tens) "L")
                         ((= 4 tens) "XL")
                         ((= 3 tens) "XXX")
                         ((= 2 tens) "XX")
                         ((= 1 tens) "X")
                         ((= 0 tens) "")))
       (ones  tens-remainder)
       (roman-ones (cond ((= 9 ones) "IX")
                         ((= 8 ones) "VIII")
                         ((= 7 ones) "VII")
                         ((= 6 ones) "VI")
                         ((= 5 ones) "V")
                         ((= 4 ones) "IV")
                         ((= 3 ones) "III")
                         ((= 2 ones) "II")
                         ((= 1 ones) "I")
                         ((= 0 ones) ""))))
  (concat roman-thousands roman-hundreds roman-tens roman-ones)))
(ba-romani-numeri 2213)

(ba-romani-numeri 2013)

(ba-romani-numeri 999)

(ba-romani-numeri 299)

(ba-romani-numeri 99)
;; "XCIX"

(ba-romani-numeri 55)
;; "LV"

(ba-romani-numeri 35)
;; "XXXV"

(ba-romani-numeri 17)
;; "XVII"

(ba-romani-numeri 15)
;; "XV"

(ba-romani-numeri 5)
;; "V"

Compojure Web Framework

Compojure is a Web Framework written in Clojure. I’m interested in trying it out because Clojure is a a Lisp and currently lisp is the the only language I like to use for programming. I do some shell and R using the literal programming framework of org-babel in org-mode.

Migrating to Compojure

Linux Journal Articles About Compojure (Must be a Subscriber to access)


ADA Programming – Whitaker’s Words

William Whitaker’s Words

  • Wikipaedia Article is an interactive dictionary for
    • Latin to English (LA -> EN)
      • Accepts multiple words
    • English to Latin (EN -> LA)
      • Only translates the first word entered
      • Commercial variants will look up each word in the input
  • Source Code is here
    • A link to ADA Tools is incluced

Notre Dame


Inventory Management Software

Open Source or Free Inventory Management

  • tech republic article reviews 5 apps
    • These offerings are either open source or free
      • openbravo
        • web site
        • works with Alfresco
        • works with AWS
      • vtiger
        • web site
        • CRM software with Inventory Component
        • not free: $12/mo/user
      • Inflow
      • ABC Inventory Software
        • web site
        • single user for free version, multiuser is not free

Mind Mapping Software


Although I have used FreeMind as recently as last year, I wanted to survey what software is available that is both open source and free, as in freedom.

Some of the review articles may include applications that are not open source or not free, but I wanted to see what is out there.

In searching, I found this article that discusses the difference between outlining and mind mapping:


Emacs Org-Mode Exporter for FreeMind

Allegro Common Lisp AllegroServe (aserve)


From “Practical Common Lisp”, Allegro Common Lisp is a High Quality, High Cost Common Lisp. The lisp object server, aserve, is portable to other common lisps such as sbcl.

A Meta-programming Language for Org-mode

Found some good examples of extended literal programming with org-mode and org-babel.

The results and reports are embeded in the org-mode document. The exported html contains the literal programming description, the source code, and the results.

The title of this section in the org-mode manual is “A Meta-programming Language for Org-mode”