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An excellent essay on why you might pay for a service

From the whatsapp blog

Why we don’t sell ads


After switching 37,000 PCs to Ubuntu, French Armed Forces says open source cuts costs 40 percent | Apps and Software |


First they transitioned to open source applications. After a few years they transitioned the operating system to open source. By that time, the users were used to open source applications and barely noticed the change in the operating system.

Convert to Roman Numerals in Emacs Lisp

Sorry I can’t get the indents to export in org2blog. Maybe a configuration issue…

Just open it in Emacs, select the whole buffer, and intent-region

(defun ba-romani-numeri (number)
  "Provide the roman numeral for a number less than 4999"
(let* ((thousands (truncate (/ number 1000)))
       (thousands-remainder (- number (* 1000 thousands)))
       (roman-thousands (cond ((= 4 thousands) "MMMM")
                              ((= 3 thousands) "MMM")
                              ((= 2 thousands) "MM")
                              ((= 1 thousands) "M")
                              ((= 0 thousands) "")))
       (hundreds (truncate (/ thousands-remainder 100)))
       (hundreds-remainder (- thousands-remainder (* 100 hundreds)))
       (roman-hundreds (cond ((= 9 hundreds) "XM")
                             ((= 8 hundreds) "DCCC")
                             ((= 7 hundreds) "DCC")
                             ((= 6 hundreds) "DC")
                             ((= 5 hundreds) "D")
                             ((= 4 hundreds) "CD")
                             ((= 3 hundreds) "CCC")
                             ((= 2 hundreds) "CC")
                             ((= 1 hundreds) "C")
                             ((= 0 hundreds) "")))
       (tens (truncate (/ hundreds-remainder 10)))
       (tens-remainder (- hundreds-remainder (* 10 tens)))
       (roman-tens (cond ((= 9 tens) "XC")
                         ((= 8 tens) "LXXX")
                         ((= 7 tens) "LXX")
                         ((= 6 tens) "LX")
                         ((= 5 tens) "L")
                         ((= 4 tens) "XL")
                         ((= 3 tens) "XXX")
                         ((= 2 tens) "XX")
                         ((= 1 tens) "X")
                         ((= 0 tens) "")))
       (ones  tens-remainder)
       (roman-ones (cond ((= 9 ones) "IX")
                         ((= 8 ones) "VIII")
                         ((= 7 ones) "VII")
                         ((= 6 ones) "VI")
                         ((= 5 ones) "V")
                         ((= 4 ones) "IV")
                         ((= 3 ones) "III")
                         ((= 2 ones) "II")
                         ((= 1 ones) "I")
                         ((= 0 ones) ""))))
  (concat roman-thousands roman-hundreds roman-tens roman-ones)))
(ba-romani-numeri 2213)

(ba-romani-numeri 2013)

(ba-romani-numeri 999)

(ba-romani-numeri 299)

(ba-romani-numeri 99)
;; "XCIX"

(ba-romani-numeri 55)
;; "LV"

(ba-romani-numeri 35)
;; "XXXV"

(ba-romani-numeri 17)
;; "XVII"

(ba-romani-numeri 15)
;; "XV"

(ba-romani-numeri 5)
;; "V"

Linux on ASUS Q200E Touch Screen Laptop


I recently purchased a “low power ultrabook” at a big box retailer for aobut $300. This Asus model is windows 8 touch screen laptop but instead of the i3, it has a 1.5GHz Celeron processor. I was considering dual-booting it with Lubuntu/Sawfish, but after this research I will probably buy the Linux version. Either way, I need to learn a lot more about UEFI Secure Boot.

Dual Boot

Yes, your ASUS Laptop will work with Ubuntu. I think the
touchscreen will work since this video on YouTube shows a ASUS
Vivobook with Ubuntu 12.10 with the touchscreen in action. If
you have a Vivobook or something similar, more than likely it
will work.

You can dual boot if you want. Keep in mind that your ASUS
laptop came with Windows 8, which means it may come with a
security feature called "UEFI Secure Boot" or "Secure Boot" for
short. You will need to disable "Secure Boot" in order to get
the laptop to boot from removable media, like CD's, DVD's and
USB Drives.
Before doing *anything* to your new Asus G75VW notebook, REMEMBER TO
NOT be able to run the Recovery software after modifying the
bootloader. (I tried setting up dual-booting, and found this out the
hard way. If anyone could be so kind as to make a recovery disk for
me, I'd appreciate it...

Linux Version of this Laptop

Options for File Transfer between Android & Linux

I still haven’t found a way to map an android filesystem to an Emacs Dired Buffer. However, there are other ways to transfer files between Android and a Linux System.

Cloud Storage

  • Transfer files using cross platform cloud storage
  • I have used:
    • Dropbox (the most)
      • very intuitive
      • I like the interface on the web
      • I also like the integration with linux
        • package for Ubuntu
        • a little more work to install on Debian
    • Google Drive
      • more difficult on linux destop
        • is there a user space Google Drive filesystem?
    • Sky Drive
      • soon to be renamed due to trade name issues
    • Box
      • even had a text file editor app for android
    • Ubuntu One Files
      • surprisingly the syncing on linux sometimes consumes the entire processing power of a single core
    • Wuala
      • encrypts your data by default
    • Cubby
      • although the concept seems simple, i haven’t figured out how to use cubby

Compojure Web Framework

Compojure is a Web Framework written in Clojure. I’m interested in trying it out because Clojure is a a Lisp and currently lisp is the the only language I like to use for programming. I do some shell and R using the literal programming framework of org-babel in org-mode.

Migrating to Compojure

Linux Journal Articles About Compojure (Must be a Subscriber to access)




nom.   [[{{{1}}}a    {{{2}}}a]]
voc.   [[{{{1}}}a    {{{2}}}a]]
acc.   [[{{{1}}}am   {{{2}}}am]]
gen.   [[{{{1}}}ae   {{{2}}}ae]]
dat.   [[{{{1}}}ae   {{{2}}}ae]]
abl.   [[{{{1}}}a    {{{2}}}ā]]
loc.   [[{{{1}}}ae   {{{2}}}ae]]



The formulae for Latin declensions in Wiki Markup

Calibre and DRM Free Books

I have been very impressed with Calibre, a free open source application to manage eBooks.



    • Smashwords has books
      • in many languages,
      • both free and non-free (Free as in Beer)
      • in many formats
        • Online Reading (HTML, good for sampling in web browser)
        • Epub (Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, others)
        • Kindle (.mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps)
        • PDF (good for reading on PC, or for home printing)
        • RTF (readable on most word processors)
        • LRF (Use only for older model Sony Readers that don’t support .epub)
        • Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)
        • Plain Text (download) (flexible, but lacks much formatting)
        • Plain Text (view) (viewable as web page)
    • Some Free eBooks