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Caffeine Isn’t All Bad For You

Myth 4: Caffeine is only bad for you.
Obviously there are risks, especially with higher doses of caffeine, but it packs some perks, too. For example, caffeine seems to lessen risk and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, it can boost your workout and it may ward off Alzheimer’s onset.

From Huff Post

5 Myths About Caffeine, Busted


HOMO EMINTER SENSITIVUS – Highly Sensitive Person



While some writers on HSP propose a positive, accepting attitude towards [being an] HSP, this is not the consensus in the professional psychological community. For instance, Jeffrey E. Young, founder
of the increasingly applied Schema Therapy, although never having been critical of HSP writers or writings, links high sensitivity, or as he calls it, the “highly empathic temperament” with the Self
Sacrifice Schema (Young, 2003, pp. 246–251), which in turn is almost always related to the Emotional Deprivation Schema. In his opinion, these persons (patients) need to learn to focus on themselves
instead of others and to learn to get their own needs met, needs they typically are not aware of.

Calendar Converter

I found this an interesting read, and one of the most clear and concise treatments of the subject of calendars:


The International Standards Organisation (ISO) issued Standard ISO 8601, “Representation of Dates” in 1988, superseding the earlier ISO 2015. The bulk of the standard consists of standards for representing dates in the Gregorian calendar including the highly recommended “YYYY-MM-DD” form which is unambiguous, free of cultural bias, can be sorted into order without rearrangement, and is Y9K compliant.

— I like the Y9K compliance