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Why being vegetarian can kill more animals than eating meat

Measure of Doubt

The most common justification I hear for vegetarianism is “It’s wrong to kill an animal for food.” Of course there are other motivations, such as health, religion, environmentalism, preventing suffering, and trying to score with liberal chicks — but the moral wrongness of killing an animal for food is the probably the most common, at least in my experience.

Consequently, I’ve found it surprising that people so rarely acknowledge that vegetarians do kill millions of animals for food.  If you buy eggs or milk or cheese, it’s true in theory that the dairy cows and laying hens don’t have to be killed in order to supply you with those products, but in practice, they are. A modern factory farm isn’t just going to let their animals die of old age; they kill them at whatever point the farm considers to be the most profit-maximizing. For dairy cows, that’s usually at…

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Chorney Blog

If I wait any longer, they will be freezer burnt. The last blintzes my Mom made. When she was pretty sick, but still well enough to cook, my mom taught my sisters and me how to make her delicious blintzes. I knew the end was near.

They’ve been in my freezer for 8 months. I took them out to defrost last night. And now the moment has come.

I’ve stared at them a few times. Well, I can’t eat them without my family. And am I ready to let them go? I tear up now as I write this. I miss my mom so much. I am sure every child feels the same way.

How do you get over the loss of a parent? The emotions come in waves. A film might trigger the tears. Recently I watched a film where the Mom was in a hospital with Cancer. (which…

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Do Not Go My Love – Richard Hageman

Charlotte Hoather


This beautiful and haunting song was composed by Richard Hageman who was born and raised in the Netherlands but who later took on American citizenship.  He was considered to be a child prodigy and was thought equal to a concert pianist at the age of 6.  In his early years whilst studying in Amsterdam he began to accompany many of the singers at the Amsterdam Royal Opera Company where he eventually was appointed to the position of conductor in 1899 at the age of 18.

Richard_Hageman Richard Hageman

After moving to America he held positions at the Metropolitan Opera and Chicago Civic Opera and also became the conductor of the Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles symphony orchestras.

stagecoach John Wayne From The 1939 Film “Stagecoach”

Along with his many Art song compositions he wrote several film scores including the one for  “Stagecoach” directed by John Ford,  the 1939 movie which Hageman shared an Academy…

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Paying attention? New online training tech keeps an eye on employees

the return Of wage slavery?


Consumer eye-tracking technology that automatically pauses videos when viewers look away is moving into the corporate arena — but it’s not really for your benefit. . . it’s for your boss’s.

Each year, companies pour $62 billion into corporate training programs, according to a recent report from Bersin by Deloitte. But just $2 billion of that goes to online learning. Digital learning companies say C-suite executives would be willing to increase their spending if they could feel more confident that employees were actually using the content, not just hitting play and possibly checking their email instead.

To give companies a more clear window into how their employees are using online training programs, online training company Mindflash on Tuesday rolled out a new eye-tracking feature (in beta) that monitors employees and automatically pauses the video when it senses that they’ve been distracted. Mindflash develops online training software that allows businesses…

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The Initiation of the Neighborhood Dog Poop Watch

I'd like a redo


The other day as I walk mindlessly in the grocery store next to my apartment, occupying myself by pretending I actually need to go grocery shopping, I spot a nice chunk of mud on the side of my bunion toe, squishing between my new red Dorothy sandals and my improperly manicured big toe nail. My first instinct, which I regrettably followed, was to wipe off the mud with my fingers — why not touch the mysterious black gob on your foot as your simultaneously prod the habanero peppers for ultimate freshness? Oh, that’s right, because it’s definitely a hunk of a dog shit now smeared all over my forefingers and up into my nail crevices as if I’d been mincing up shit flavored garlic.

Obviously, as an attempt to appear less materialistic in the super local, plastic-is-the-devil, doesn’t-carry-jiffy-peanut-butter market next door, I didn’t bring my purse which consistently has at…

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Your stories about refusing to leave bedrooms

Your stories about refusing to leave bedrooms

This is my favorite quote from the article

” I was fortunate to live in a rather short period of time when mathematical and scientific skills, which are easily acquired with minimal human interaction, were reasonably well rewarded”

This link is a follow up on earlier BBC News story I posted earlier.

Yes, you should care about Bitcoin, and here’s why

More thought on Bitcoin, including risks and benefits


Everybody’s talking about Bitcoin these days, which is quite remarkable given the highly technical nature of the crypto-currency. So why is it such a big deal?

To explain why, I’m going to start with the implications of Bitcoin, then get into the technical nitty-gritty. Why that way round? Because there’s more to Bitcoin than the technical wow-factor, or indeed the crazy speculation that’s going on now. Even if Bitcoin itself fails, it’s a sign of things to come.

All about decentralization

Bitcoin is to state-issued currencies – often referred to as fiat money – as P2P file-sharing is to traditional broadcast media. There is no centralized source for it that can be controlled or moderated or regulated. It is difficult if not impossible to track from the outside. It is more complex to use than its better-known counterpart, but there are at least theoretical advantages to doing so.


In the…

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Bitcoin will prosper — until governments or banks decide to crush it overnight


Every currency created since the advent of money 2,700 years ago has fit nicely into one of two classifications: Either it was a representative money system, deriving its worth from a link to some physical store of value like gold, silver or gemstones; or it was fiat, deriving its value from the fact that a government or central authority guaranteed it.

Bitcoin, the world’s most successful digital currency, defies this time-tested classification system: It is neither fiat nor representative. It is not fiat, because its supply is actually finite and, more importantly, it lacks any central backing authority. (Click here for a good primer on the tech behind Bitcoin). Nor is it representative, because it is not linked to anything physical. Thus the internet has (once again) spawned a phenomenon that is inexplicable via conventional economic frameworks.

As economists study the attributes of digital money, they are discovering that…

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Emacs Org Mode Version 8: Upgrading and Some Tips

Nick Higham

As I mentioned in my post Emacs: The Ultimate Editor?, one of the things I love about Emacs is Org mode, which provides excellent facilities for working with plain text and exporting it to a variety of other formats. Recently I’ve used Org mode to prepare a number of tables within documents that I then export to $latex \LaTeX$ and compile to PDF. Key here is Org’s ability to easily add or remove rows and columns, sort rows, and even transpose a table (see below). This blog is written in Org mode and exported to WordPress using org2blog.

A couple of months ago, version 8 of Org was released. It has many improvements over earlier versions but also some changes in syntax. In particular, the export engine has been rewritten. These changes are quite likely to break older Org files. Indeed the release notes say Org 8.0 is…

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