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A concise comparison of popular blogging platforms

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WordPress vs Tumblr vs Blogger!BO5os


WordPress Blogging Links

WordPress Themes – Free

At this stage in my blogging journey, I am using only the free themes. These are some links for some of the themes I have tried.

Theme Home Page Demo
Blaskan Link live
Clean Home Link live
Depo Masthead Link live
Pilcrow Link live
Runo Lite Link live
Sundance Link live
Twenty Ten Link live
Twenty Twelve Link live
Manifest Link live
Kubrick Link live
Oxygen Link live
Structure Link live
Misty Look Link
Misty Lake Link live
Fjords04 Link live
Chalkboard Link live


  • THEME – chaoticsoul
  • THEME – Hum
  • THEME – Vostok
  • THEME – Oxygen

WordPress Tutorial

Using WordPress – Do I use .COM or .ORG ?


I have been using wordpress for a couple of months as of 2012-11-25 and am only beginning to be comfortable using it. I made my first blog post in 2008-05-01 and later said “So What?”. I really didn’t have anything to say, and I didn’t understand the blogging concept so I didn’t post until agin this year (2012).

I now know what I want to use a blog for, but I still can’t do what I want.


The org2blog package in emacs has been very helpful to me. It puts the whole blogging experience into the comfortable lisp-based emacs environment where I do most of my work. I’ve been using org-mode for years and even wrote extentions to outline mode before org-mode came out.

I’m still learning how to use org2blog effectively, but already I plan to use org-mode files as the foundation for my blogging and page posts in wordpress.

I have an account on because it is free, and I’m still learning. If I find limitations in I can’t work around, I will investigate self hosting.