I started this blog to keep track of things that interest me. This the posts are rarely complete, but merely notes so I can remember what ideas I have explored or web pages I have visited.

I am interested in

  • Playing Music (Folk and Celtic)
  • Computing
    • Programming
      • Literate Programming with org-mode in emacs
      • eLisp
      • common Lisp
      • Shell & Make
      • R
      • Clojure
    • Open Source
      • Free Software (Free as in Freedom)
    • Mobile Computing
  • Languages
    • Latin
      • Classical
      • Medieval
      • Modern, especially Computing & Accounting
    • Esperanto
  • Investing
  • Social Change
  • Travel
  • Influence of Technology on Society
  • Becoming a Better Person

Some Technical Details

bills blog lives in the WordPress Bogosphere

WordPress Configuration


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