Options for File Transfer between Android & Linux

I still haven’t found a way to map an android filesystem to an Emacs Dired Buffer. However, there are other ways to transfer files between Android and a Linux System.

Cloud Storage

  • Transfer files using cross platform cloud storage
  • I have used:
    • Dropbox (the most)
      • very intuitive
      • I like the interface on the web
      • I also like the integration with linux
        • package for Ubuntu
        • a little more work to install on Debian
    • Google Drive
      • more difficult on linux destop
        • is there a user space Google Drive filesystem?
    • Sky Drive
      • soon to be renamed due to trade name issues
    • Box
      • even had a text file editor app for android
    • Ubuntu One Files
      • surprisingly the syncing on linux sometimes consumes the entire processing power of a single core
    • Wuala
      • encrypts your data by default
    • Cubby
      • although the concept seems simple, i haven’t figured out how to use cubby