The Ubuntu Phone OS Doesn’t Stand A Chance

As a Ubuntu user, I’m interested to see how this plays out.
I like the idea of developing for one platform, so I hope Ubuntu Phone OS gains some traction.


I’m an open-source fan and want more than anything for Linux to spread to the far reaches of every desk and kitchen table where enterprise grunts linger. But there is no chance that Ubuntu will make it in those places.

Even if the new Ubuntu Phone OS that Canonical launched today looks pretty, it still is late and oddly tied to the desktop. I would not even call it a mobile strategy. It’s a mobile/desktop strategy more than anything else.

The desktop is something that Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth doesn’t want to give up. So much so that Shuttleworth has lacked the appetite for a mobile play, much less an enterprise-focused one. He wants nothing more than to see someone sitting next to him on the train working on his Ubuntu OS-powered device. His heart is in the consumer market.

In the meantime, the only traction Ubuntu has in the enterprise is…

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