Your Arduino Is In My Android Device! UDOO Mixes It Up With An All-In-One Solution

Will the pricing work?


For most beginning hardware hackers, Arduino is hard and Linux/Android is easy. The folks at UDOO, a Kickstarter project that ends tonight, aim to solve that by mixing the best of both worlds. The UDOO device contains an ARM processor (dual or quad core) as well as an Arduino microprocessor. This allows you to program the Arduino using the tools you’re familiar with including a standard embedded Linux install and the associated command-line software.

The UDOO contains both and ARM cortex-A9 CPU and the hardware on a Arduino DUE. This includes 54 digital I/O pins, an optional SATA connection, and a number of other pin-outs and connectors. This part of the board allows users to add all of the shields and accessories associated with the highly evolved Arduino environment to the equally evolved Linux and Android environments. Think of it as a Raspberry Pi you can upgrade.


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