Arch Linux

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For fun, I installed Arch Linux on some spare hardware yesterday.

The Install

I found the experience interesting, almost like installing linux the first time. Some differences for an Arch install as compared to Debian or Ubuntu:

  • Before you install, you set up the hard drive the way you want:
    • You set up the partitions the way you want.
    • You choose to setup crypto and lvm layers if you want.
    • You create the logical volumes, and format the partitions.
    • You can use old style MBR or GUID Partition Tables (GPT)
      • I chose the following:
        • MBR instead of GPT
        • encrypted lvm ext4 for the root (/), /usr, /usr/local, /var, /tmp, /home,
        • encrypted lvm for swap
        • ext3 for /boot
  • You choose the desktop environment.

Raspberry Pi & Arch Linux