Learn Python Programming

The Linux Journal Reader’s Choice Awards for 2012 again selected Python as the “Best” Scripting Language.

In spite of some objections to the language, I would like to learn enough python to use it without being an expert.

Links to Python Learning Sites

My Objections to Python

I have some objections to Python

  • position related syntax
    • not robust: susceptable to serious logic errors if a single indenting character is added or deleted by mistake ( errors if a single indentation character is added or deleted. (Tell me you have never been working fast and accidently added a character before saving and running a script!)
  • inconsistent syntax
    • infix: x = 5 + 2
    • prefix: sqrt(4)
    • I prefer lispy languages with consistent prefix notation
      • (setq x (+ 5 2))
      • (sqrt 4)
  • The Python Way
    • Python – There is one way to solve a problem – The Python Way
      • Really? I feel that could lead to rigid thinking
    • Perl – There is more than one way to solve a problem
      • I use perl one liners regularly, especially for regex