Mind Mapping Software

Time to review current offerings of Mind Mapping Software (Open Source, of course).



VYM – View Your Mind


  • VUE is a project of Tufts University.



This is the first time I have become aware of Compendium.

  • The Techsource article says this about Compendium:
    • “provides a flexible visual environment for managing the connections between information and ideas allowing people to structure and record collaboration as they work through difficult problems”.
    • features include:
      • Drag and drop documents/websites onto a map
      • Complete freedom to arrange icons
      • Keyword tagging
      • Ability to Create ‘Dialogue Maps’ to display links to everyone’s ideas in group projects
      • Learning pathways sharing
  • I am particularly intrigued by the ability to drop documents and websites onto a map.

Next Steps

  • [ ] Review VUE
  • [ ] Review XMind
  • [ ] Review Compendium