Use External SD Storage on Android 4+

The Problem

Android 4+ does not use the external sd card for storage by default.

  • I have not found any menu in the settings that allows moving apps to the external sd card (as of 2013.03.01)
  • I have not found any configuration that configures an app to store data on the external sd card (as of 2013.03.01)

First Step – Web Search

A google search for “android 4.0 store music on external sd” was a preload, so I am not the first person to look for something like this. Here’s some links I found, with the easiest first.

  • how to use external sd storage using various tools
    • file manager
        • workaround that moves downloaded music to the sd card, but won’t prevent new music showing up on the internal storage
    • text editor, file manager
    • android-sdk, usb

Some Good News

  • After inserting an SD card and rebooting, the camera app asked if I want to store the pictures in the SD Card? Of course I said yes. Also, there is an option under settings to change storage to the SD Card.


Although I have found many posts that I would consider this configuration “not easy to do”.