You’d better sit down: Nokia is actually doing reasonably well

Nokia – Company health different than I thought …


Nokia(s nok) may not be in such steep decline as people have been thinking. The Finnish handset manufacturer has just outed preliminary financials for the last quarter of 2012 and updated its guidance for the first quarter of this year – and guess what, the company’s Devices & Services division is back in the black.

We’re not talking the glory days of old, but bear in mind that the third quarter of last year saw the division shed an unholy €683 million ($895 million). Before today’s preliminary results for the fourth quarter, analysts were warning that people shouldn’t get too hopeful about the Finnish firm returning to profitability anytime soon.

But then:

“Nokia now estimates that Devices & Services has exceeded expectations and achieved underlying profitability in the fourth quarter 2012.

– Mobile Phones business unit and Lumia portfolio delivered better than expected results; and
– Operating expenses…

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