I knew that FB privacy setting were complicated. This example confirms it for someone in the founder’s family….


It’s become almost axiomatic that Facebook privacy settings are so complicated even relatively savvy users get tripped up by them, especially since the giant social network has a reputation for changing them without warning, resetting defaults, and so on. In a deliciously ironic illustration of this phenomenon, Randi Zuckerberg — sister of Facebook (s fb) co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg — was caught in a privacy snafu on Christmas Day when one of her family photos was shared publicly. But there’s a larger point behind all the schadenfreude, and it’s about more than just Facebook being evil: online privacy is complicated, and inventing new software settings isn’t really going to help.

As detailed by BuzzFeed, the problem started late Christmas evening, when Vox Media staffer Callie Schweitzer shared a funny photo on Twitter of the Zuckerberg family using the social network’s new Poke feature — an app…

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