YouTube’s Biggest Overhaul Of Its Data API Yet Adds Universal Search, Efficiency, And Lets 3rd Party Tools Post To Subscribers

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YouTube first launched its Data API back in 2007, and it has since become the video giant’s most popular API in terms of request volume. Today, YouTube announced that it has officially opened version 3.0 of its API to all developers.

The new APIs bring a number of important changes to bear on its current feature set, including client library support, improved tooling, reference documentation and integration with Google’s API infrastructure. It’s also now officially using JSON instead of XML encoding for, as YouTube says, “greater efficiency” and in pursuit of actually returning what you ask for.”

On top of that, the new API introduces Freebase integration via topics and universal search and, for those developing social media management apps, YouTube now offers channel bulletin and subscriber list management. The former especially could help solve a real pain point for YouTube’s user experience, considering that many of us are likely…

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